Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cisco Intercloud

An exciting day in Cloudland! 
Cisco has just announced their latest salvo toward true portability; Cisco InterCloud.
In my last entry, we discussed the issue of Cloud Transparency and how the need for power-company analogous utility services is hugely evident at the CIO's desk. Cisco InterCloud is a significant and affirmative step towards the Cloud promise of ubiquitous services. 
Denali and Cisco share a vision of the evolving cloud ecosystem to include the key feature of true cross-provider workload mobility. This in turn will deliver tangible business, and technical, benefits to cloud providers and customers alike. The promise of ubiquitous service is dependent on a secure cloud ecosystem that can deliver the levels of agility, TCO and transparency that businesses and IT organizations want to achieve.
Cisco InterCloud is an open solution that raises the bar in its support of multi-hypervisor and hybrid-cloud, enabling dynamic workloads across heterogeneous environments in both private and provider clouds.  In order to protect critical business assets and meet compliance, Cisco InterCloud will deliver highly secure and scalable connectivity to extend private cloud to provider cloud and will be able to enable workload security throughout the resulting hybrid cloud.  In addition, Cisco InterCloud will be able to provide consistent network and workload policy throughout the hybrid cloud.  To provide consistent operations and workload portability across clouds, Cisco InterCloud delivers unified hybrid cloud management for end users and IT administrators.  Importantly, it will also enable global federated cloud workload mobility to and from provider cloud for both physical and virtual workloads.
Denali Advanced Integration is excited to bring this to market in collaboration with Cisco, to help guide our customers to entirely new levels of portability and optimization. By extending our Cloud Clarity offering with Cisco Intercloud, we are on the leading edge of the titanic shift that is accelerating the transformation of the IT Industry. 
We are actively working with reference customers to demonstrate the power of Cisco InterCloud. As we reach milestones in our pilots I'll be sure to post regular updates on the successes of this pivotal new offering. And if you are interested in learning more about Cisco InterCloud, and how Denali can help advance your vision, please contact us for an in depth discussion with your teams!


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